Market more effectively with ValChain

ValChain helps you increase profitability by better understanding and communicating with customers, implementing marketing, and other process innovation.

ValChain offers marketing, strategy and research services to help technology-enabled companies develop IT-enhanced business action, insight, improvement and innovation. Our services include working with our clients to:

  • Augment or outsource strategic and/or tactical marketing efforts
  • Communicate and build strategic relationships with customers, prospects, the media and partners
  • Gather customer, prospect and market intelligence; analyze and segment market
  • Evolve differentiated, clear and effective positioning and messaging
  • Analyze competitive threats and develop effective offense/defense
  • Launch/relaunch products/brands in competitive and emerging markets
  • Develop cost-effective marketing strategies and campaigns to generate leads, direct sales and/or build brand equity
  • Design/redesign products/services to meet customer visceral, behavioral and reflective needs
  • Improve and effectively integrate IT and business processes to accomplish business objectives

ValChain’s and its principal’s clients have included leading technology-enabled companies, including: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Deloitte, Google, Whole Foods Market, PeopleSoft, Informatica, Ericsson and AOL, as well many smaller ventures and start-ups.

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Research, strategy and marketing services inquiries, including online advertising opportunities:

info at valchain dot com
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PO Box 444
San Mateo, CA 94401-0444

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